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I agree that some good cookbook examples with input and output that are compatible with the released version are important. Some discussions and examples about proper stress/topography/geoid scalings are also important.


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Thorsten and Katie bring up good points. I am more concerned about their being good cookbooks
available, then about coupling codes.

First, there are known issue with cookbooks (some only work  as shown with older version of CitcomS),
so this would be a good opportunity to update these. I suggest soliciting very well documented contributions
from members of this mailing list, which they use when starting their students on problems.

Second, I don't know of any published work using coupled codes (please correct me if I'm wrong). While this was demonstrated to work for some simple models and was a heroic effort for those who made it work, its hard to get to work in practice for more complicated problems. For example, if you have higher resolution for a CitcomS model embedded inside a larger CitcomS models with lower resolution - any thermal boundary layer ends up creating thermal instabilities at the sides of the box due to the mismatch in the thickness). If someone is using the coupler, then we need to keep this capability, but if after this much time no one has used it, that is telling us something important.


On Nov 21, 2013, at 9:15 PM, Catherine Cooper wrote:

I am also concerned about this development.  The cookbooks provided with the manual will only work if the pyre version of CitcomS is installed.  Will there be new cookbooks developed?  Or will they too no longer be supported?  These are valuable learning tools for new users including graduate students.  It would be a shame if there were no longer educational examples for new users to safely learn on.



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On Nov 21, 2013, at 9:03 PM, Thorsten Becker wrote:


While I am not a python/pyre user, I wonder how this affects the abilities to couple regional and global codes, for example? This is another extension I am not using, but this always seemed very helpful potentially? Wouldn't this be useful to maintain?

When I compile CitcomS, I simply use the --nopyre option or whatever it's called, and this seems to get rid off many of the issues mentioned above?

 I can see how this must have all been discussed but I am not aware of the reasoning, sorry, so please excuse if these are naive questions.



Thorsten W Becker - USC

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Today's Topics:

   1. CitcomS Python Removal (Eric Heien)


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Subject: [CIG-MC] CitcomS Python Removal
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The CitcomS developers have recently decided to remove Python and Pyre support from CitcomS.  There are several reasons for this:

- The Python interface in CitcomS is not compatible with Python 2.7 or above.  Python 2.7 was released in 2010, meaning most systems set up in the last 3 years won?t support Python in CitcomS.
- The interface requires downloading extra packages - this happens automatically but can cause compilation failure on some platforms.
- The interface opaquely assigns some parameters with values not controlled by the user.
- The Python interface adds a level of complexity making it harder to debug the program and understand how data structures are used/modified during a run.
- Many of the major CitcomS users do not use the Python interface.

We plan to remove this functionality from CitcomS and provide tools to convert Python based input files to the normal input file format.  Relevant logic that was in the Python framework will be moved into the main CitcomS code.  This change will be implemented over the coming year and incorporated into a future CitcomS release.

If you have any concerns about this decision or would like to weigh in, feel free to contact me or the cig-mc mailing list.

Thank you,



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