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Thorsten Becker thwbecker at post.harvard.edu
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While I am not a python/pyre user, I wonder how this affects the abilities
to couple regional and global codes, for example? This is another extension
I am not using, but this always seemed very helpful potentially? Wouldn't
this be useful to maintain?

When I compile CitcomS, I simply use the --nopyre option or whatever it's
called, and this seems to get rid off many of the issues mentioned above?

 I can see how this must have all been discussed but I am not aware of the
reasoning, sorry, so please excuse if these are naive questions.



Thorsten W Becker - USC

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> Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2013 10:47:06 -0800
> From: Eric Heien <emheien at ucdavis.edu>
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> Subject: [CIG-MC] CitcomS Python Removal
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> Hello,
> The CitcomS developers have recently decided to remove Python and Pyre
> support from CitcomS.  There are several reasons for this:
> - The Python interface in CitcomS is not compatible with Python 2.7 or
> above.  Python 2.7 was released in 2010, meaning most systems set up in the
> last 3 years won?t support Python in CitcomS.
> - The interface requires downloading extra packages - this happens
> automatically but can cause compilation failure on some platforms.
> - The interface opaquely assigns some parameters with values not
> controlled by the user.
> - The Python interface adds a level of complexity making it harder to
> debug the program and understand how data structures are used/modified
> during a run.
> - Many of the major CitcomS users do not use the Python interface.
> We plan to remove this functionality from CitcomS and provide tools to
> convert Python based input files to the normal input file format.  Relevant
> logic that was in the Python framework will be moved into the main CitcomS
> code.  This change will be implemented over the coming year and
> incorporated into a future CitcomS release.
> If you have any concerns about this decision or would like to weigh in,
> feel free to contact me or the cig-mc mailing list.
> Thank you,
> -Eric
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