[CIG-MC] Which viscosity array to modify? (CitcomS)

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Right, the output, printed in vis.txt is this:

E->EVI[0][1][50111] =        100 <----- before viscosity change
E->EVI[0][1][50111] =         10  <------ after viscosity change.

Like I said, it seems to be working, with the exception that it does not seem to be influencing the flow field calculations. 

Thank you for your time,

Scott Tarlow

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You can always print out EVI to see whether they are what you want to be, and I realize you may have tried this.

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Hello, I am currently  designing a static geometry weak viscosity zone, but having trouble figuring out which viscosity array is the correct one to modify, as my current solution does not change the flow field at all.  Attached are the files I modified to achieve this weak viscosity zone.

The volume of the weak viscosity zone is defined in Citcom_init.c, and its implementation  is a static void apply_weak_viscosity_zone in viscosity_structures.c

The command that actually reduces the original viscosity in viscosity_structures.c is:

E->EVI[lev][m][(i-1)*vpts + j] = E->EVI[lev][m][(i-1)*vpts + j] * E->weak_viscosity_zone.visc_reduction;

and its output, in vis.txt (by using the command, citcoms ######.cfg > vis.txt), seems to be changing the viscosity as intended. But when I look at the resulting flow field, it seems as if the weak viscosity zone does not exist. I'm fairly certain I am finding the correct index's for the nodes I want to change, as the output seems reasonable. I was wondering if I needed to modify another array before or after EVI to have an effect on the viscosity structure.

Thank you for your time,

Scott Tarlow
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