[CIG-MC] Segmentation fault error when adding tracers

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Hey Eh,

Thanks for spending time on this. I was able to successfully load the tracers into the system by turning chemical buoyancy off , and correcting my coordinate file. I don't need active tracers so this solution will work for me.  

-Scott Tarlow

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Hi Scott,

The 2nd dimension in your coor.dat is wrong. 

nsd= 2
1    3.2376
2    3.2368
3    3.2359
64    3.1860
65    3.1852

The coordinate must be an increasing function. 

Besides this problem, there is another possible obstacle in your setup. Enabling low viscosity channel will create some passive (weightless) tracers. Enabling chemistry will create active tracers. The code cannot handle both types (passive and active) of tracers correctly when both are present. 


On Thu, Apr 25, 2013 at 8:46 AM, scott tarlow <scott_tarlow at yahoo.com> wrote:

Actually, I am still having a bit of trouble adding the tracersinto the mesh, as the tracer setup does not seem to be able to find the tracers in my file. I will attach my coordinate and my tracer file. It seems to me that the tracers should easily fall within the mesh generated by the coordinate file. 
>The other oddity is that when I set tracer_ic_method=0, I also get an error. Is this because Random tracer generation only works for global meshes as opposed to regional meshes ? I ask this because I was able to successfully run ( as suggested) Cookbook7. I'll attach the two output files, (random) using  tracer_ic_method=0 and (input) using  tracer_ic_method=1.
>As a corollary, I am trying to use the tracers in conjunction with the low viscosity channel in an attempt to get a similar result as one would get if they were to implement "weak nodes". Is that the correct interpretation of the low viscosity channel/wedge function in CitcomS ? Perhaps imposing them through changing viscosity_structures.c would be better?
>thank you for your time,
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