[CIG-MC] Asking for help

周权 qzhou at whu.edu.cn
Sat Oct 6 06:37:53 PDT 2012

Dear CIG-MC Group:

Thanks for your excellent work of citcoms! Now I am trying to install the citcoms software (version3.2.0). Though the user manual is really detailed, I do come aross one difficulty. I am SORRY for bothering you because of it. I really tried to solve it. But I did not succeed. 

After following the steps:(1)cd CitcomS-3.2.0,(2)./configure,(3)make, I could not run the citcoms demand though these steps succeeded. The terminal showed that this demand could not be found. The manual writes that upon successful completion, the make command creates a script called citcoms in the bin subdirectory. However, I could not find it.

Thus, I am writing this email, hoping to get some help from you. I know that this is my fault. I am not very familiar with Unix, while I am trying to. 

I would really appreciate it if you could reply!


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