[CIG-MC] Installing CitcomS - Cygwin

Walter Landry wlandry at caltech.edu
Tue Jun 12 07:47:55 PDT 2012

Lester Anderson <lester_anderson1963 at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Walter,
> I will have to check again when I get home, but I did set a new home variable
> in Winows that Cygwin reads as the home path:
> Need to see if the .bashrc is there etc but that should not be a problem (I
> would have thought)?
> Should the HOME be /home/username to work properly?
> What I can try is to copy the tar file again and install into /home/anderson
> and see if that does anything different. To be sure I will start the home
> directory structure again, and go via mkdir /home/anderson  and create the
> .bashrc (and .bash_profile) in there.

It sounds like you have a non-standard Cygwin setup.  That makes it
very difficult to know what will work.  Try creating a completely new
user and doing everything in that account.

Walter Landry

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