[CIG-MC] Installing CitcomS - Cygwin

Walter Landry wlandry at caltech.edu
Sat Jun 9 11:18:52 PDT 2012

Lester Anderson <lester_anderson1963 at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Walter,
> I have tried to rebuild the mpich2 install, but this seems to not
> work even writing to an empty new directory. What appears to occur
> is that the /bin directory is written to the source directory even
> though the ./configure option specifies a different location.
> Using:  ./configure --prefix=/mpich2main --with-pm=gforker --enable-fast --disable-f77 --disable-fc

You might be having permissions problems.  Try logging in as an
ordinary user and installing it in your home directory.  So if you unpacked the tarball in


run configure as

  ./configure --prefix=/home/anderson/mpich2-bin --with-pm=gforker --enable-fast --disable-f77 --disable-fc

Walter Landry

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