[CIG-MC] AGU session related to Mantle and Magma Dynamics Communities

Ariel Shoresh ariel at geodynamics.org
Mon Jul 23 08:28:33 PDT 2012

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to invite abstract submissions to the following session at
the upcoming AGU Fall meeting.

V002: A Comprehensive Understanding of the Melting Processes at Subduction
Melt generation and volcanism at subduction zones may result from several
possible processes: hydration of the mantle wedge by fluid released from
the slab, reheating of downgoing sediments/crust, and upwelling induced by
subduction. Each process predicts a different pattern of melt generation
and can thus be distinguished with high-resolution seismic imaging resolved
from ambient noise study (e.g., in the Cascades). A comprehensive study of
geophysics, geodynamics, volcanology and geochemistry is needed. This
session invites contributions focusing on the understanding of the melting
process in the crust and upper mantle at subduction zones, with particular
interests in the Cascades.

Invited speakers:
Lauren Cooper (ETH Zürich)
Tim Groove (MIT)
Marc Spiegelman (Columbia University)
Douglas Wiens (Washington University, St. Louise)

We apologize for any cross postings.


The conveners
Haiying Gao (University of Rhode Island) hgao-at-gso.uri.edu
Peter E Van Keken (University of Michigan) keken-at-umich.edu
Emily Johnson(University of Oregon) erj-at-uoregon.edu
Ikuko Wada(Virginia Tech) iwada-at-vt.edu

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