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周权 qzhou at whu.edu.cn
Tue Dec 25 22:38:57 PST 2012

Dear Dr. Tan

Thanks for your reply!  Merry Christmas to you, too!

I have solved the problem. I did not edit visRegional.net. Here is how I solved the problem:

1. I got a warning message when loading visRegional.net, according to which I edited some files' names. Some files in the visual/opendxmacro were named like 'f=CitcomSImport.net'. I changed them by deleting 'f=', so the files' names became like 'CitcomSImport.net'. Besides, I also downloaded 
and added a file called 'CitcomSImportOpt.net' into the visual/opendxmacro.

2. I also met a problem related to GMT. I installed GMT by 'sudo apt-get install GMT'. And commands, such as 'pscoast', became 'GMT pscoast'.
So I edited the file 'plot_layer.py' by changing those commands' names into 'GMT XXX'. Same edition was applied to ‘plot_annulus.py’

The above are my methods to solve the problem. I hope my description is clear. 

Since I am still on the way to become good at Unix and CitcomS, I asked for a lot of help. I am sorry for having bothered you with the problems I met.  
Thanks for your patience and help very much!


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Hi Quan,

The yellow ball is the outer-core. The visualization of mantle is interrupted by error. From your attached file, the error is that the "data" component is missing. But the data seems read-in correctly (no error message from data import). 

It's difficult to know what causes your problem. Just a guess: did you accidentally edit visRegional.net?

Merry X'mas,


On Wed, Dec 19, 2012 at 10:14 AM, 周权 <qzhou at whu.edu.cn> wrote:

Hi, everyone

I am writing this email to ask for help about opendx.

After I launched opendx and loaded visRegional.net, I tried to load the file given in samples: 'regtest.cap00.100.general' . But I only
got a yellow ball. And I do not know what is wrong. Here I attach the error message. Hoping to get some help from you.

Thanks very much!


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