[CIG-MC] Setting surface T doesn't work?

Matt Weller Matt.B.Weller at rice.edu
Thu Apr 19 10:00:16 PDT 2012

Hi All,

I noticed that when I set surface T to *any value*, there was no change in
the surface temperature. However, if I set toptbc=1 and toptbcval=X, where
X is any value, then the surface T is the value X. Is there any particular
reason why the surfaceT switch wouldn't work?

While on this subject, if surfaceT is not utilized, and toptbcval is set to
the default of 0, is it a safe assumption that the body would be in direct
contact, and in thermal equilibrium, with space (surface value of 0)? i.e.
No thermal contributions from exterior (e.g. stellar), or interior (e.g.
trapped heat from atmosphere/ conductive lid ) sources.



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