[CIG-MC] Duretz et al benchmark

Timo Heister heister at math.tamu.edu
Sun Apr 15 19:30:13 PDT 2012


we are trying to reproduce the Stokes benchmarks in the paper
Duretz, May, Gerya, Tackley: Discretization error and free surface 
stabilization in the finite difference and marker-in-cell method for 
applied geodynamics: A numerical study. 2011.

We found the analytic solutions for SolCx and SolKz on 
underworldproject.org. Does anyone know if the test "4.1.3. Pure Shear 
Inclusion Test" is also available somewhere? Going through the 
referenced literature (Schmid, Schmid/Podladchikov), it is not obvious 
to me how the analytic solution is defined.

I am grateful for any pointers.


Timo Heister

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