[CIG-MC] Quit due to maxT

Shijie Zhong shijie.zhong at Colorado.EDU
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What it means is probably that your numerical resolution or rheology is inadequate such that your temperature goes crazy (assuming that it is not due to internal heating that increases the temperature). I would suggest that you increase resolution or reduce Ra. 

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Hello all,

We are running a set of runs varying yield stress properties in CitcomS and have had the misfortune of receiving the following error:

                                                                                                              quit due to maxT = 1.5002e+00 sub_iteration1

In the interim, we have managed to work around this error by reducing the internal heating by ~ 1/2, but this is non-ideal when exploring a single parameter space.

How might it be possible to "fix" this maxT related exit so that we can continue the analysis without reducing internal heating?




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