[CIG-MC] CitcomS -- axisymmetric geometry and dynamic topography

julianed at jetzweb.de julianed at jetzweb.de
Wed Mar 9 05:57:33 PST 2011

Dear Mantle Convection Community, 

my name is Juliane Dannberg. I am contacting you because I work with CitcomS and
I have a few questions about it. 

Currently I am doing an internship at GFZ Potsdam and I work on numerical
modeling of the Siberian LIP. I use the CitcomS code version 3.1.1 and my first
task is to reproduce the model presented in the paper W. Leng, S. Zhong "Surface
subsidence caused by mantle plumes and volcanic loading in large igneous
provinces" (2010). 

In doing so I had following problems:

For the model I try to reproduce another version of Citcom was used which makes
it possible to apply a 2D axisymmetric geometry. So I wanted to ask if there is a
way to use this geometry in CitcomS or if there are older versions of Citcom that
include such options. If there is such an older version I would be really happy
if someone could send it to me or if someone could tell me where to download it.
That would be great. 

I also try to compute dynamic topography. But I have problems using the
pseudo-free surface option because I always get the message that the solver is
not converging. Maybe you have some advice for me how I could improve this. And
if I use the free slip surface boundary condition it is working but I wonder how
I can translate the dimensionless units of topography back to meters because I
found nothing about it in the manual. 

I would be very happy if you could give me some advice. 
Thank you for your help!

Juliane Dannberg 

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