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Magali Billen mibillen at ucdavis.edu
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Hi Tannistha,
In what way would you like to change the viscosity. Do you want to put  
in a region of fixed geometry
with a fixed viscosity? Or do you want to change the temperature  

The file to look is Viscosity_structures.c. This is split into options  
depending on what type of viscosity
you want: layered, temperature-dependent, pressure-dependent yielding,  
or stress-dependent (not well-tested,
would not recommend using this version).

There are also options that put in either a weak wedge of a weak  
channel. The basic parameters for these
options are listed in Appendix A.1 in the user manual. I believe that  
the weak wedge or weak channel options
were included for the work by Vlad Manea related to the attached  
manuscript, so reading the explanation of
his model set-up might help you figure out how to use this option  
together with reading the c-code.

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On Mar 2, 2011, at 9:22 AM, tannistha maiti wrote:

> Hello ,
> I have attached a file with the temperature profile in a subduction  
> region . I want to change the viscosity in the region I circled  
> out . Could you please let me know which file I need to modify in  
> the Citcoms lib directory to make my model work . Is it  
> Viscosity_structures.c ? Again is there any explanation to the  
> algorithm that is there in Viscosity_structures.c.
> Thanks,
> Tannistha
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