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Craig O'Neill craig.oneill at mq.edu.au
Wed Jun 29 20:27:45 PDT 2011

Dear all,

Thanks very much for all the swift replies. Apologies for any unwanted
cross-postings, but I thought the resolution of this discussion might be of
broader interest.

So Tan, it seems the GPlates format is naturally v_colat, v_long so no
switch of the velocities required.

Thanks very much for the link Mark.

I encountered a similar wall to Rene, that only global mesh caps could be
exported. I actually wrote my own 'regional' gpml mesh cap file, but it was
not recognized as a mesh as such by GPlates (imported the gpml as velocities
or something).

The workaround I used was to construct a perl script which uses some GMT
calls, to grid the "global" exported velocity files, then re-sample them at
the desired regional grid points.

I've posted it here for those interested:

This seems to be working for me.
Any comments or corrections welcome!



On 29 June 2011 19:24, Mark Turner <mturner at gps.caltech.edu> wrote:

> hi,
> The format is the same for both the regional and global
> citcoms mesh input files if you are using .gpml.
> You can use GPlates to generate a set of global cap files
> with a small number of nodes per side of the cap,
> something like 3.
> Examine those files to see the .gpml format,
> and the ordering of the xml tags and such.
> Then create a .gpml citcoms input mesh file
> with your own regional mesh coordinates
> using the values in latitude and longitude.
> GPlates will read this data in as a single regular feature,
> with a multi-point geometry with your coordinates.
> Then the velocity generation process with in GPlates
> is the same for the global case.
> Yet, I'm not sure if that python script will work with
> a regional case.  I'll check on that tomorrow.
>  is there any gplates version, that can create a regional mesh? In my
>> version this checkbox is unselectable and gplates is referring to possible
>> future versions.
> yes, possibly ...
> but, I'm not sure if we fixed that in the next public release 1.1.1 ... ?
> For the last few years our focus has been with global model runs,
> so there are still gaps in the regional processing we need to fix up.
> Thanks for helping me figure out what needs work!
> Mark

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