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Hi Craig,

I can confirm that your node ordering is correct. However, the order of 
vx, vy is not reversed. You are probably using x for longitude and y for 
latitude. In CitcomS, x is the colatitude, y is the longitude, and z is 
the radius. This definition will give a right-handed coordinate system.

The CitcomS manual is unclear on the definition of x and y directions. I 
will update the manual.


On 6/27/11 10:52 PM, Craig O'Neill wrote:
> This is probably self-evident but not explicit so I'd thought I'd 
> check - the velocity BC condition files bvel.dat* (for regional) are 
> in vx,vy format.
> The ordering of this file is following a nested loop defined in the 
> coor_file.
> Here the first loop is the colat, nested in that is the longitude loop.
> SO, to read the bvel file, we are essentially reading the vx,vy 
> corresponding to the points:
> colat1 long1
> colat1 long2
> colat1 long3
> ...
> colat2 long1
> colat2 long2
> ...
> etc.
> Just wanted to check this, as the velocity format is kind-of reversed 
> (vx, then vy). Writing a script to convert gplates gpml to regional 
> citcom input, so if anyone can give me a quick confirm that'd be great.
> Many thanks
> -Craig.
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