[CIG-MC] velocity BCs

Craig O'Neill craig.oneill at mq.edu.au
Mon Jun 27 22:52:07 PDT 2011

This is probably self-evident but not explicit so I'd thought I'd check -
the velocity BC condition files bvel.dat* (for regional) are in vx,vy
The ordering of this file is following a nested loop defined in the
Here the first loop is the colat, nested in that is the longitude loop.
SO, to read the bvel file, we are essentially reading the vx,vy
corresponding to the points:
colat1 long1
colat1 long2
colat1 long3
colat2 long1
colat2 long2
Just wanted to check this, as the velocity format is kind-of reversed (vx,
then vy). Writing a script to convert gplates gpml to regional citcom input,
so if anyone can give me a quick confirm that'd be great.
Many thanks

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