[CIG-MC] problem with citcoms vtk output?

Dan Bower danb at gps.caltech.edu
Wed Feb 9 18:23:53 PST 2011

Hi all,

For a citcoms global run if nodex=nodey=nodez the vtk output seems to
be correct and the data looks good in paraview.

However, if nodex=nodey<>nodez there appears to be a problem.

Attached (jpg) is the output from one processor (proc 0) for a 129 x
129 x 65 mesh (per cap, global).  In this model

You can see that the mesh is clearly distorted and the output funky
when visualized using paraview.

The data itself is totally fine (independently checked using GMT).  I
wrote a python script to convert the standard output (*.velo.* files)
to vtk format and got the same problem (maybe not surprising, given
that I took the same coordinate mappings from the c code).

I poked around in Full_sphere_related.c (for the co-ordinate mappings)
and Output_vtk.c, but didn't see anything obvious.

Any pointers appreciated!


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