[CIG-MC] New release of HC

Thorsten Becker thorstinski at gmail.com
Thu Aug 25 23:33:23 PDT 2011

It might not be a bad idea to release a new version of HC, called
1.0.2, perhaps.

The current SVN version of HC contains several minor bug fixes
(regarding the driver
interface, not computational accuracy), and the following improvements:

- output of velocities and density anomalies in VTK format  for 3D
visualization, e.g., using Paraview
- compatibility with GMT newer than 4.5.1
- support for GMT nearneighbor (as opposed to bilinear/bicubic)
interpolation of Netcdf grd files

And maybe we can use the following as a new, general reference for HC:

Becker, T.W., O'Neill, C., and Steinberger, B. (2009, 2011):
HC, a global mantle circulation solver. Available online at
accessed 08/2011.



Thorsten Becker - http://geodynamics.usc.edu/~becker

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