[CIG-MC] ConMan bombs

Walter Landry walter at geodynamics.org
Tue Aug 23 12:51:46 PDT 2011

Thorsten Becker <thorstinski at gmail.com> wrote:
> hi,
> this must for sure be an FAQ but i couldn't find anything in the
> manual, so sorry in advance if this is
> a dumb question. i am running the ConMan from CIG SVN compiled with
> the intel 64 versions of the makefile.
> trying to run simple thermal convection cases, i use gendeck to give
> me the first input with 50 x 200 elements.
> works fine. then, i try any higher resolution such as the second input
> file, with 100 x 400 elements, bombs.
> it seems that all runs that request more than ~20 MB crash. now, i
> thought that all memory was dynamically
> allocated, am i missing something?

Gendeck should have created "geom" and "run" files.  Can you send
those as well so that I can reproduce your problem?

Walter Landry
walter at geodynamics.org

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