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Bianco, Todd todd_bianco at brown.edu
Mon Nov 8 08:30:06 PST 2010

My apologies, but I am not sure to whom this email is being sent. This is
Todd Bianco, I am a postdoc at Brown working with Marc Parmentier. I have an
unsupported version of CitcomCU that I have been using for years, and
compiling with GNU. The department at Brown would like me to use PGI
compilers, but I have never successfully compiled Citcom with the PGI
compilers. I have searched the mail archives and help topics, but did not
find a discussion about PGI compiler issues.

The problem is with comparisons to NULL. For example, in the current version
of CitcomCU, line 446 in Parsing.c will cause the following error:

PGC-S-0103-Illegal operand types for comparison operator

This is because of how NULL is defined. A similar problem for a different
code, a and potential solution, are discussed here:
I do not fully understand the discussion.

The error listed above is simply a warning or ignored when I use GNU
compilers. Can the current version of CitcomCU can be compiled with PGI
compilers? Did CIG address this problem to get CitcomCU to compile, or am I
the only user reporting this problem? Do I need to set a different
definition of NULL in stddef.h? Can I override the definition of NULL more
locally, for example in global_defs.h, as I do not have permission to edit
stddef.h on my cluster? Any help is appreciated.

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