[CIG-MC] python parser issue

Eh Tan tan2 at geodynamics.org
Fri May 14 14:11:58 PDT 2010

Hi Craig,

> First, setting PHDF5_HOME as an environmental variable is not enabling
> Citcom to find the hdf installation (I believe its still looking  in
> /usr/lib etc). Is this a known issue?

There are several possible reasons why configure cannot find your hdf 
installation. You can check 'config.log', and search for 'HDF5' in the 
log file to figure out the exact cause.

> Second, I am having problems with the post processing. In order to
> post-process using autocombine.py, I need the pidXXX.cfg file, and a
> mpirun.nodes machine file. I've followed the instructions in section
> about including a machine.cfg file, which works and produces a
> mpirun.nodes file.
> However, I can't process this.  The error I get is:
>   ../../visual/autocombine.py pid13613.cfg mpirun.nodes1 100

The order of the 1st and 2nd arguments is reversed. It should be:

  ../../visual/autocombine.py mpirun.nodes1 pid13613.cfg 100


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