[CIG-MC] Viscous dissipation in CitcomS

Raquel Negrete rnegrete73 at yahoo.com.mx
Fri Mar 5 13:42:00 PST 2010

I hope I am addressing this email to the right address. I have a question regarding CitcomS: I've consulted CitcomS manual and from the section where "governing equations" are listed, I understand that viscous dissipation is somehow included in this code.. Is this correct?.I tried to locate the subroutine where this is calculated from some of the "source-code files: (i.e., visc.py, solver.py) and couldnt find it.
1. I would like to know how CitcomS calculates viscous dissipation and where is this sub-routine listed.
2. Is there any CitcomS training session programmed in the near future?. I've heard about the meeting that is taking place in La Joya, Ca in July, is there anything available before?
Thank you very much for your assistance, kind regards.


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