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Hi Eh,

Thanks for the tip.  I will review the Chapter 3 again and correct my mistake.


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Hi Logan,

You are mixing the C-only binary (CitcomSFull) and the input file (cookbook3.cfg) for the python-embedded binary. There are only two input examples (in examples/Full and examples/Regional) for C-only binary. The rest of cookbook examples are for the python embedded binary only. The distinction of these two binaries is explained in the beginning of Chapter 3 in the manual.


On 7/13/10 10:37 PM, Sankaran, Loganathan (Solution Technology Services) wrote:

I am new to CitcomS.  I just built the code and started a run on a single node (12 cores) as:
mpirun -np 4 CitcomSFull cookbook3.cfg  >& cbook3.4.out

However, I get an error such as:
node   0: error: error: either use z_layer for non dim layer depths, or set num_mat to four
node   1: error: error: either use z_layer for non dim layer depths, or set num_mat to four

The num_mat is already set to 4 in the cfg file.  How do I make this work ?

I tried the cookbook1 and is asking me to set nodex, nodey which are not set in the cfg file.
What are the recommended values to these and nodez, if needed ?



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