[CIG-MC] pseudo

Eh Tan tan2 at geodynamics.org
Thu Jul 1 18:46:53 PDT 2010

Hi Tannistha,

In the temperature plot with pseudo-free surface, is it from 0th time 
step? In your input file, the top boundary has a constant temperature 
0.0, which can explain why the temperature field of the top surface were 
changed, if the plot is from later time step.

If the plot is from 0th time step, there might be a call to enforce 
temperature boundary condition with the pseudo-free surface code. You 
can find the location of the code by this command:
    grep pseudo.*surf lib/*c


On 6/17/10 1:46 AM, tannistha maiti wrote:
> Hello ,
> I am trying to make a plot with the pseudo-free surface option . My 
> initial condition should look something like initial_condition.tiff( 
> attached here) . However when I use the pseudo-free surface option my 
> initial conditions is getting modified . I have attached the .cfg file 
> that I pseudo surface . My initial velocity conditions is 0 with only 
> change in temperature.
> Could you please let me know where I am going wrong , what options 
> need to be incorporated? Also , I am getting the error "solver not 
> converging " . How can I account for this error .
> Please help .
> Thanks,
> Tannistha

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