[CIG-MC] Error making SitcomS?

Walter Landry walter at geodynamics.org
Wed Feb 3 12:53:08 PST 2010

Walter Landry <walter at geodynamics.org> wrote:
> Joshua Lewis <lewisjoshua2 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> To whom it may concern:
>>           I am running a 32 bit Linux Mint 8 "Helena" and was wondering why I
>> get these error messages when trying to 'make' SitcomS:
> There appears to be something wrong with the package. You can work
> around it by running configure with a line like
>   $ CCFLAGS="-O2 -I$PWD/python/pythia-" ./configure

It turns out that the configure script breaks when the current
directory "." is not in your path.  That has been fixed in the
repository, and will be in the next release.

Walter Landry
walter at geodynamics.org

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