[CIG-MC] coupler & multigrid solver?

Eh Tan tan2 at geodynamics.org
Thu Aug 12 09:18:15 PDT 2010

Hi Magali,

> So, I'm wondering why doesn't the coupler work with multigrid? Is this
> something that should work,
> but hasn't been tested, or is there something about how the
> information gets past between the
> coupled models that prevents the use of the multigrid solver?

The coupler currently doesn't work with multigrid.

For the coupler to work, the boundary condition arrays of embedded 
solver needs to be updated at every time step. When I wrote the code I 
wasn't familiar with multigrid solver and didn't know how to update the 
boundary condition arrays for multigrid solver. So the multigrid coupler 
was not implemented. Now, I know the multigrid solver better and find 
that the implementation won't be difficult, but I never get around to 
write the code. Since you are motivated and understand CitcomS' internal 
quite well, maybe we can work together to write the code?

PS: I think most people on the mailing list don't care about the 
implementation. Maybe we should discuss the detail further off the list.

Eh Tan
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Institute for Geophysics
University of Texas, Austin
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