[CIG-MC] How to impose arbitrary viscosity and density structure to CitcomS?

Eh Tan tan2 at geodynamics.org
Wed Sep 30 13:26:19 PDT 2009

Hi Choon Ki,

To input arbitrary buoyancy, you can use tic_method=-1, as described in
Cookbook 5 in the manual. However, it is currently impossible to input
arbitrary viscosity. There are two possible approaches: 1) using
temperature and composition dependent viscosity to approximate your
viscosity structure; 2) modify the code to impose your viscosity
structure. If you decide to modify the code, I can help to point out
where to modify and explain the code.


Eh Tan

Choon-Ki Lee wrote:
> Hi all
> I am a new CitcomS user who is interested in only Stokes flow calculation.
> Looking over the manual, I didn't precisely understand the input
> parameters and files.
> I would like to calculate the Stokes flow driven by a density
> structure, such as a tomography model, and an arbitrary
> laterally-heterogeneous viscosity structure (not temperature dependent
> viscosity).
> How can I impose the density and viscosity structure as input
> parameters to CitcomS?
> If someone give me a hint, I will read the manual more carefully.
> Thanks.
> Choon Ki Lee
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