[CIG-MC] CitcomS 3.1.1 Cookbook6 not converging

Robert Moucha rmoucha at gmail.com
Sun Sep 13 11:52:24 PDT 2009

Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone has ran the Cookbook6 (pseudo surface)
example using 3.1.1 with the default cookbook6.cfg settings. All runs
well for the free slip case, but for the pseudo surface case I get the
following output after an hour and a half.

Any ideas? I have not played with the settings because I'm under the
impression that it should run straight out of "the box".

Rob Moucha

Problem has 61 x 25 x 61 nodes per cap, 93025 nodes and 86400 elements in total
 *  residual (100000) = 8.112e-161 from 8.564e+02 to 0.000e+00 in 4719.55 secs
Warning: solver not converging! 0
(000) 4719.6 s v=3.530406e+03 p=0.000000e+00 div/v=5.19e+00
dv/v=1.00e+00 dp/p=1.00e+00 step 0
 *  residual (100000) = 7.674e-161 from 1.393e+04 to 0.000e+00 in 4621.91 secs
Warning: solver not converging! 1
(001) 9341.5 s v=2.915688e+03 p=2.625429e+05 div/v=2.20e+00
dv/v=3.28e-01 dp/p=1.00e+00 step 0
 *  residual (100000) = 7.298e-161 from 7.563e+03 to 0.000e+00 in 4686.65 secs
Warning: solver not converging! 1
(002) 14028.2 s v=2.918320e+03 p=2.538605e+05 div/v=8.71e-01
dv/v=8.37e-02 dp/p=4.00e-01 step 0

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