[CIG-MC] Checkpoint <--> ascii

Eh Tan tan2 at geodynamics.org
Fri Nov 13 11:37:08 PST 2009

Tobias Höink wrote:
> Hi Eh,
> Would it take a long time to write two little programs, one that
> converted a checkpoint file to an ascii file (which can be transported
> to a different system) and a second that that converts form ascii to
> checkpoint?
> My intuition is that you only would have to write a small wrapper
> around your already existing routines to create and read checkpoint
> files.
> These two helper programs would help me a lot to continue runs that
> have been started on a different cluster. I understand that checkpoint
> files are version dependent and on purpose not documented, but it
> still would help out a lot!

Hi Tobias,
(cc to cig-mc)

I have a python script to read chkpt files. It depends on the numpy
extension module. To use it:

from chkptreader import ChkptReader
content = ChkptReader(chkptfile, tracer_flag, composition_flag)

The "content" object will hold the
temperature/velocity/pressure/tracer/composition fields.

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