[CIG-MC] CitcomCU Rheology Question

Ethan Fahy ethanfahy at gmail.com
Wed May 27 14:44:38 PDT 2009


In the CitcomCU input file, how are viscE (activation energy) and
viscZ (activation volume) non-dimensionalized?  Is viscE equal to
E/(R*T), where E is activation energy [J/mol], R is the gas constant
in [J/K/mol], and T is a reference temperature in [K]?  If so, is the
reference temperature given by "ReferenceT" from the input file?  The
plume-input file from the CIG website has  default viscE value of
6.907753.  This would seem to correlate to  very low values for
activation energy compared to standard values from the literature I've
seen.  Any advice would be most appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

-Ethan Fahy

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