[CIG-MC] Can I put body force and shear heating in CitcomS?

Eh Tan tan2 at geodynamics.org
Tue May 26 11:20:44 PDT 2009

张斯奇 wrote:
> Can I put body force and shear heating in CitcomS? Or I need to modify the code.

Hi Siqi,

Shear heating, as known as viscous dissipation, is enabled if the
"dissipation_number" is not 0. You might want to take a look at Section
1.5 "Governing Equations" in CitcomS manual on how to compute the
dissipation number.

The body force is derived from the temperature, composition and the
velocity boundary condition in CitcomS. All of them can be specified in
the input file(s). Cookbook 5 is an example. You can also try Cookbook 9
for a different approach. If neither are suitable for you, can you
describe the problem you try to solve in more details?


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