[CIG-MC] CitcomS working examples?

Eh Tan tan2 at geodynamics.org
Fri Jul 24 11:22:20 PDT 2009

John McCorquodale wrote:
> Greetings,
> I'm a new CitcomS user who has just built from sources (CitcomS-3.1.1.tar.gz).
> I built --without-pyre on top of openmpi 1.3.2.  Am trying to get _any_
> example to run via mpirun on my workstation.  None of the cookbooks nor the
> simple examples in the documentation seem to work (I suspect you've changed
> something recently and haven't updated the examples).
> In particular the example from the manual section 3.4 yields:
> $ mpirun CitcomSFull ex.cfg
> There MUST be an entry for the parameter nodez
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> mpirun has exited due to process rank 0 with PID 16298 on
> node buttercup exiting without calling "finalize". This may
> have caused other processes in the application to be
> terminated by signals sent by mpirun (as reported here).
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Other cookbooks yield complaints about
> $ mpirun ../../bin/CitcomSFull *.cfg  # cookbook8
> Unable to determine how to solve, specify Solver=VALID_OPTION 
> $ mpirun ../../bin/CitcomSFull *.cfg  # cookbook9
> node   0: error: error: either use z_layer for non dim layer depths, or set num_mat to four
> etc
> Could you please provide me any .cfg file that actually runs in 3.1.1, an
> appropriate mpirun commandline to run it and perhaps an explanation of how
> to pull the results up in opendx and see any kind of an image?  Just trying
> to get started.
> Thanks,
> -mcq
> P.S. Yes, I am really particularly interested in NOT using Python.  That
>      citcoms is able to build without Python and its fragile sea of
>      dependencies is why I'm interested in it.  :)

Hi John,
(cc to cig-mc)

Thanks for bringing up the issue. The manual might be unclear to this
point: the *.cfg files cannot be used as input file for the non-pyre
version. The example inputs for non-pyre version are under examples/Full
and examples/Regional.

All input parameters have sensible default values in pyre version, and
the *.cfg input file only specifies the changed parameters. However,
some of the default values in non-pyre version are either not defined or
not sensible, and must be overridden by input. For backward
compatibility reason, we cannot change the default values in the
non-pyre version. As a result, when you use *.cfg as the input file for
non-pyre version, it will complain about missing parameters and might
use the wrong default values.

Also, the error in Cookbook8 is because the parser of non-pyre version
doesn't allow space characters in the "name=value" string, but the pyre
version allows.


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