[CIG-MC] svn download question for CitcomS

CLINT CONRAD clintc at hawaii.edu
Wed Jan 21 04:56:15 PST 2009

Dear CitcomS Developers,

I tried to download the latest version of CitcomS using the svn  
command listed on the CitcomS web page:

svn checkout http://geodynamics.org/svn/cig/mc/3D/CitcomS/trunk  

When I do this, I find that several key installation files are missing  
from the download, such as:
as well as several similar files in the various subdirectories (lib,  
visual, module, etc.)

These files are all present in the latest release (3.0.3). However,  
because these files are missing from the svn download,
I cannot configure and compile the code. I could copy these files from  
the 3.0.3 release (which compiles fine), but I worry
that there will be inconsistencies.

Are the configuration files and makefiles supposed to be included with  
the svn download? If not, how can I get them?
Sorry if I am missing something basic about svn...


Clint Conrad              Assistant Professor
Dept. Geology & Geophysics,  SOEST,  804 POST
Univ. Hawaii at Manoa        ph: 808-956-6649
1680 East-West Road         fax: 808-956-5154
Honolulu, HI 96822          clintc at hawaii.edu

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