[CIG-MC] CitcomCU-1.0.3 VTK conversion utility on OSX workaround

Ethan Fahy ethanfahy at gmail.com
Tue Dec 22 12:57:35 PST 2009

Hello everyone,

The VTK conversion utility citcomcu_write_vtk packaged with CitcomCU-1.0.3
relies on the 'seq' command, which OSX does not have built in.  I found the
easiest workaround for this to be the following:

-Download and install 'macports'

-Open a terminal window and type:    sudo port install coreutils

-After installation is complete, restart the terminal.  You now have the
'gseq' command, which works in the same way as 'seq', at least for the
purposes of citcomcu_write_vtk.

-Open citcomcu_write_vtk in a texteditor and replace all 3 instances of the
word 'seq' with 'gseq'.

You should now be able to use citcomcu_write_vtk per the normal
instructions.  Hopefully this will save somebody a little hassle.  Thanks
for this utility, it is very useful!

Take care,

-Ethan Fahy
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