[CIG-MC] Release of HC 1.0 (1D global mantle circulation solver)

Sue Kientz sue at geodynamics.org
Wed Apr 15 14:48:07 PDT 2009


I am pleased to announce the release of HC 1.0. HC is a 1D global  
mantle circulation solver following Hager & O'Connell (1981) which  
can compute velocities, tractions, and geoid for simple density  
distributions and plate velocities. This particular implementation  
illustrates one possible way to combine the HC solver routines. Based  
on code by Brad Hager, Richard O'Connell, and Bernhard Steinberger,  
this version is by Thorsten Becker and Craig O'Neill.

You can download binaries or the source code from


Installation instructions are in the bundled README.TXT file.

If you encounter any problems or issues, please report them using our  
Bug Tracker at


If you have questions or wish to provide feedback or suggestions on  
HC, please e-mail the CIG Mantle Convection mailing list at cig- 
mc at geodynamics.org.

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