[CIG-MC] CitcomS (non-pyre) full input file

Eh Tan tan2 at geodynamics.org
Mon Oct 13 23:46:35 PDT 2008

Hi Craig,

By default, OpenDX cannot read hdf5 files. But the Cactus project has an 
ImportHDF5 module that can import hdf5 files to OpenDX. A brief 
introduction of the module is at Section of CitcomS manual.

The source code and documentation of ImportHDF5 module can be found in

Let me know if you have problem in building and using the module.


Craig O'Neill wrote:

>Not sure if this is the appropriate forum for this, but I had a CitcomS 
>question. I've got CitcomS running ok on a small gentoo cluster. It 
>seems to be behaving mostly.
>However, I'm running it non-pyre via an mpiexec command, and so need a 
>full input file.  The main question I have concerns the output.
>I'm getting .h5 output, it can be viewed in hdfview etc but I'm worried 
>if its sensible. I cannot view it in opendx  (error message is that 
>there are no datasets in /.../fulltest.100.h5 or somesuch) . I can, 
>however, view the opendx Full data provided with the CitcomS 
>distribution ok.
>So before I go to far into it, I was wondering if my input file format 
>was ok.   Do you guys have any old-style full-format files that output 
>sensible .h5 data that can be visualized, by chance?
>My inputfile reads:
>datadir="insert appropriate name"
>I'm wondering if I need to specify temp etc, I had thought these were 
>default outputs.

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