[CIG-MC] problem launching citcoms without Batch system

Leif Strand leif at geodynamics.org
Wed May 14 13:32:31 PDT 2008

Hi Rob,

I would start by adding "--launcher.dry" to your command-line arguments:

citcoms example1.cfg mymachines4.cfg 
--solver.datadir=/state/partition1/test --launcher.dry

This will print the 'mpirun' command used by CitcomS (without actually 
executing it).  It will look something like this:

mpirun -np 4 /path/to/mpipycitcoms --pyre-start [...lots of arguments...]

So, for example, if "-nolocal" is missing, you would then add the 
following to your ~/.pyre/CitcomS/CitcomS.cfg file:

command = mpirun -nolocal -np ${nodes}

Once the 'mpirun' command looks right, go ahead and remove 
"--launcher.dry" to perform an actual run.


Robert Moucha wrote:
> Hello all,
> Just wondering if anyone else had a problem launching citcoms without
> the use of a Batch system.  It appears that the job is launched only
> on the head node. I installed the latest 3.0.2 version and issued the
> following command in a working directory (the path to the
> CitcomS-3.0.2/bin is set)
> $ citcoms example1.cfg mymachines4.cfg --solver.datadir=/state/partition1/test
> Cannot make new directory '/state/partition1/test'
> Cannot make new directory '/state/partition1/test'
> Cannot make new directory '/state/partition1/test'
> Cannot make new directory '/state/partition1/test'
> --pyre-start: mpirun: exit 8
> /home/moucha/CitcomS-3.0.2/bin/citcoms:
> /home/moucha/CitcomS-3.0.2/bin/pycitcoms: exit 1
> The file mymachines4.cfg contains:
> [CitcomS.launcher]
> nodegen = c0-%g
> nodelist = [1-4]
> The mpirun.nodes file has:
> c0-1
> c0-2
> c0-3
> c0-4
> which is correct for our cluster.
> The above error makes sense, because I don't have write privileges to
> /state directory on the head node.  If I changed the datadir parameter
> to a directory that I have write access to on the head node, the
> program runs without a problem (but only on the head node).
> Incidentally, the following command runs without problem on the
> compute nodes:
> mpirun -nolocal -np 4 -machinefile mpirun.nodes
> ~/CitcomS-3.0.2/bin/CitcomSRegional example1b.cfg
> I'm using Python 2.4.5, gcc-3.4.6, mpich 1.2.7p1 (can provide further
> info if need be).
> Thanks
> Rob
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