[CIG-MC] CitcomS 3.0.2 release

Eh Tan tan2 at geodynamics.org
Fri Mar 7 13:25:57 PST 2008

CIG is pleased to announce release of CitcomS 3.0.1. This is a bug-fix 
release. This release fixes two minor bugs, one behavior regression and 
contains one enhancement for thermo-chemical convection problem.

* Fixed a bug in HDF5 output which causes compilation error (Issue 131);

* Fixed a bug in normalizing the tracer coordinate (Issue 139);

* Fixed a behavior regression when using lith_age=1 and tic_method=-1;

* Greatly reduced the number of tracers per element that is required for 
thermo-chemical convection (Issue 140).

Please check the NEWS and ChangeLog files for more details.

The code and user manual can be downloaded from:


Eh Tan
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Computational Infrastructure for Geodynamics
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