[CIG-MC] How to assign one free slip side and one open side

Eh Tan tan2 at geodynamics.org
Fri Dec 5 11:24:55 PST 2008

Hi Ethan,

You can take a look of this CitcomCU package

This package has inflow/outflow boundary conditions on the bottom and
two opposite walls. By comparing the br-inflow package with ordinary
CitcomCU package, especially the file Boundary_conditions.c, I hope you
can learn something useful. Feel free and email me for further questions.

Also, the post by Brad Hager might be useful if you want a real "open",
instead of inflow, boundary conditions.



Ethan Fahy wrote:
> Hello all,
> I'm pretty new to using CitcomCU (first year grad student @ BU) and
> based on the input file there doesn't appear to be any way to assign
> boundary conditions to individual sides.  Is there some way to do
> this?  I would ideally like to assign 3 sides to be free slip and the
> 4th to be open.  The top and bottom would be no slip and open
> respectively.  I'll be looking at the code but if anyone has any
> advise or has done something similar I would much appreciate any
> guidance.  Thank you.
> -Ethan Fahy
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