[CIG-MC] Re: geoid scaling in CitcomS-2.2.1

Eh Tan tan2 at geodynamics.org
Tue Oct 30 11:29:55 PDT 2007

Scott King wrote:
> initial residue of momentum equation F 1.684117294e+00 9741456
> AhatP (000) after 1.88612 seconds with div/v=2.084e-05 dv/v=0.000e+00
> and dp/p=0.000e+00 for step 0
> bottom heat flux= 26.146639
> surface heat flux= 7.580164
> initial residue of momentum equation F 1.684157643e+00 9741456
> AhatP (000) after 1.87142 seconds with div/v=2.081e-05 dv/v=0.000e+00
> and dp/p=0.000e+00 for step 1
> So this is the output from the run.   Should I be worried that
> dp/p=0.000e+00 ??   How would I tell there is a problem?


dv/v and dp/p are the relative magnitude of velocity and pressure
correction between the Uzawa iterations. They are always 0 for the first
iteration. Nothing to worry about them.

Your model seems to converge very well at step 0 and 1. Does the
problematic geoid occur at these time steps? If yes, what is the min/max
of your velocity solution at these time steps? (A convenient GMT command
"minmax -H2 *velo*" can query the min/max of all velo files.) If not,
can you check the convergence history around the problematic time step?

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