[CIG-MC] CitcomCU 1.0.2-br-inflow released

Eh Tan tan2 at geodynamics.org
Fri May 25 15:15:44 PDT 2007

CIG is pleased to announce release of CitcomCU 1.0.2-br-inflow. CitcomCU
is a finite element parallel code designed to solve, on a three
dimensional regional domain, thermochemical convection problems relevant
to the earth's mantle.

This release is a branch based on CitcomCU 1.0.2 and contains a new
feature that allows specific inflow boundary conditions such as the
model in Zhong and Watts [EPSL 2002]. This type of boundary conditions
is quite useful in regional study and is requested by other users as
well [1]. Shijie Zhong kindly provides the code implementing this type
of boundary conditions [2]. Since Shijie's code is quite specific to his
2002 model, it will take some time to generalize the code and integrate
it into the main trunk of CitcomCU. In the mean time, the code is
working and functional, so I don't like to hold off people from using
the code. I decide to release the code before the generalization and
integration is done.

An example input file is provided in src/plume-input, and the results in
src/plume.jpg. Users might want to modify these functions:
custom_temperature_boundary_conditions(), velocity_side_bc(), and
temperature_side_bc() in src/Boundary_conditions.c, and
setup_plume_problem() in Convection.c, to change the imposed velocity
and temperature boundary conditions.

The code can be downloaded from

[1]: http://www.geodynamics.org/pipermail/cig-mc/2007-April/000021.html
[2]: http://www.geodynamics.org/pipermail/cig-mc/2007-May/000024.html

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