[CIG-MC] CitComCU bottom permeable boundary condition

Eh Tan tan2 at geodynamics.org
Tue May 1 11:57:46 PDT 2007

Shijie Zhong wrote:
> This option was removed from CitcomCU, but it should be easy to put it back. 

Hi Shijie,

I have some time to put it back to CitcomCU. Can you send your original
code to me?

> Apparently, Eh described a different type of open box BC. Presumably, one also needs to specify horizontal conditions. Was it used for the coupling problem?

My VBC at the top boundary is dVr/dr=0 for radial velocity and free-slip
for horizontal velocity. At one time, I want to study the convection
near the base of the mantle without the closed-top boundary conditions,
so I tried to implement the open-top boundary conditions naively.


Thanks for the detailed explanation. That helps alot.

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