[CIG-MC] CitComCU bottom permeable boundary condition

Norm Sleep norm at pangea.stanford.edu
Tue May 1 08:53:23 PDT 2007

At 7:40 AM -0600 5/1/07, Shijie Zhong wrote:
>Brad and Eh,
>The BCs that Norm asked for was already implemented and used in 
>Citcom before. See Zhong and Watts [2002]. The boundary conditions 
>for the bottom are zero horizontal velocity and zero sigma_zz. 
>Similar BCs were used in Ribe and Christensen [1994] and Moore et 
>al. [1998] for the plume problem.
>This option was removed from CitcomCU, but it should be easy to put it back.
>Apparently, Eh described a different type of open box BC. 
>Presumably, one also needs to specify horizontal conditions. Was it 
>used for the coupling problem?
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Yes this is the correct BC for me.  I gave it like I formulate it in 
2-D stream function finite difference. It does not work well in 2-D 
for letting plume material in, but does in 3-D.  I will grab it once 
it is back.



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