[CIG-MC] Modifying code

Thorsten Becker twb at usc.edu
Thu Aug 2 10:13:02 PDT 2007

Dear CIG MC staff,

I was wondering how to best go about developing new code that goes
along with the CitcomS SVN trunk. I would like to add a few subroutines
and options, test those, and then eventually send them back to CIG to
see if they get incorporated in the main release. 

I would like to do so without having to reapply the changes every time
a new svn version is provided. Is there a smart way to set this up with
the svn, such that I have my own branch (?) of the main tree that gets
smartly updated? Should I use some sort of patch mechanism and apply the
same patches on every new release? I am lost in the forest. 

Thanks much for your help!


 Thorsten W Becker                 Department of Earth Sciences
 University of Southern California              p: 213.740.8365          
 Los Angeles CA 90089-0740   http://geodynamics.usc.edu/~becker

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