[CIG-MC] On Geodynamics Models,thanks!

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Wed Sep 20 21:13:20 PDT 2006

Org. CIP:

     Mr. or Mrs., how are you!
     Our team has been researching on the interior movements underlying Tibet, to analyze the principal of geodynamics. I am a membership in this team, a master in China University of Geosciencs, Peking City, in China. My teacher's name is Wenbo, Wei, one of specialists on the INDEPTH Project. And my name is Hongwei, Yang.
     We are wonderful glad to this idea, Computational Infrastructure of Geodynamics. For several years, we have been researching on geodynamics based on computational modeling and geophysics data, collected a lot of references, and constructed and modified many models.
     As we known, geodynamics is not only important to the future of the earth, but it is a huge big problem for human being. Therefore, many of disciplines must be involved. But actually, I think there are two main aspects we must understand. One is descriptions and observations on geodynamics; the other is physical principals dealing with them. Mantle and core dynamics, crustal and earthquake dynamics, continent and margin dynamics and magma migration are the very observations. Also, flow principals, deformation of rigid and plastic crust, tectonics of continents are physical principals. But, they are not enough. The mathematics formulations of these principals are useful for computational modeling. 
      So, we are very glad to exchange ideas, models or formulations about geodynamics. In the future, we can discuss some detailed projects.
     Thanks very much!
                                           Yang and our members,
                                               Sep.21, 2006   
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