[CIG-MC] Questions regaring CitcomCU

Eh Tan tan2 at geodynamics.org
Mon Oct 16 10:25:06 PDT 2006

Sarah Wait Zaranek wrote:

> Thanks, Eh.
> Looks like we are getting same solution. I ran on a different subset
> of the cluster and the times are similar to yours.  Something must be
> wrong with the subset that I ran on. I am taking the matter up with
> our cluster admins. I appreciate having the log.0 files to compare and
> illustrate the difference in time.
> I have written codes to post-process the data to be able to do
> visualization in Tecplot, etc. and various other extractions for
> average temperature, etc. Additionally, there are notes on various
> aspects of the code (as well for various other CITCOM variations) that
> I have discovered--- is there a place for these somewhere in the CIG
> structure?
> Do we have something like a wiki-editable help file/manual?
> I would like to offer some sort of services to the CIG community since
> I am benefiting from the codes. Anyways, let me know.
Hi Sarah,

Since the stuff I am going to mention is relevant to the whole 
community, I cc'ed the reply to the cig-mc mailing list and CIG's 
website maintainer Sue. I hope you won't mind it.

First, thanks for offering to share your experience. I believe that your 
experience, especially from an end-user's point of view, will be very 
helpful for the new users.

We don't have a Wiki page per se. However, if you register on 
geodynamics.org, you can have a "home" directory that you can create 
pages, sharing the content with others, set the permission of the pages 
so that other people can edit the pages, ... etc. When you log in, you 
will see your name on the upper right of the page. Next to your name is 
a link to "my folder." That folder is your "home" directory.

The next problem is how to publicize your pages. AFAIK, the 
documentation page can only be edited by the web admin. You can send a 
link of your page to the web admin <cigweb AT geodynamics.org> 
<mailto:cigweb at geodynamics.org> so that the web admin can put your link 
in the documentation page. This solution is not optimal. (Sue might know 
a better way to do it.) Or we (CIG) can come up with a better mechanism 
to publicize user-generated pages in the future.

Eh Tan
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Computational Infrastructure for Geodynamics
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