[CIG-MC] Questions regaring CitcomCU

Eh Tan tan2 at geodynamics.org
Fri Oct 13 11:52:52 PDT 2006

Sarah Wait Zaranek wrote:

> First, the link that should direct me to the readme file seems to be
> broken. I assume it is the same as in the tar-ed file. If so, then no
> problem.
Yes, the link was broken. Thanks for reporting back. The link to the
README file is fixed now.

> Second, I can run the code on my cluster. However with the given input
> file (input1), each timestep seems to be taking multiple iterations to
> converge and each time step is averaging on the order of 900 seconds.
> I know this is processor dependent but it seems quite slow. I am
> curious if there was a test case where I could compare my results to
> others. I am interested in comparing both my runtimes, my outputs, and
> my solutions.

I am running the input1 sample right now. It will take a while to get
the result. Aftrer then, I will see how long it takes to finish input1.
I will get back later.


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