[CIG-MC] Questions regaring CitcomCU

Sarah Wait Zaranek sarah.zaranek at gmail.com
Thu Oct 12 10:52:12 PDT 2006


I have a few questions regarding CITCOM CU.
I am uncertain if I should post them as bug reports since they are
more questions than bugs.

First, the link that should direct me to the readme file seems to be
broken. I assume it is the same as in the tar-ed file. If so, then no

Second, I can run the code on my cluster. However with the given input
file (input1), each timestep seems to be taking multiple iterations to
converge and each time step is averaging on the order of 900 seconds.
I know this is processor dependent but it seems quite slow. I am
curious if there was a test case where I could compare my results to
others. I am interested in comparing both my runtimes, my outputs, and
my solutions.

Thank you.

Sarah Zaranek

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