[CIG-MC] Subversion server up for testing

cig-mc at geodynamics.org cig-mc
Thu Jul 28 08:09:18 PDT 2005


I have set up a new Subversion server on geodynamics.org.  I have
converted over the pythia-0.8, config, CitcomS, and lithomop branches.
The eventual plan is to periodically sync the pythia and config
branches with the CACR CVS, and for all new CitcomS and Lithomop
development to occur on this server.  Other software will be added as
we progress.

This is just a test repository.  If you are working on CitcomS or
Lithomop, continue working with the CVS repository.  I will sync them
again before the repository becomes live.

Since this is a test repository, I have already set up usernames and
passwords for everyone receiving this email.  Your username is your
email name (e.g. vlad, ces74, etc.) and your password is the same.  I
have also set up username/passwords for the mailing lists (cig-cs,
cig-mc, and cig-short).  Feel free to checkout/checkin/break things as
much as you want.  I want to make sure that everyone is happy with the
conversion and can use the new repository productively.

The current structure is 


As an example, to get the latest version of CitcomS, you would run

  svn co svn://geodnamics.org/mc/3D/CitcomS/trunk CitcomS

You make a change, and use the username "cig-mc" and password

Let me know what you think.

Walter Landry
walter at geodynamics.org

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